Residential Services

Helping you choose a security system that meets your protection needs. When it comes to home security systems, you have plenty of choices. From choosing what equipment to use to whether or not to use a monitored system tend to be two of the biggest considerations when designing a home security system that gives you peace of mind. Fortunately, we are here to guide and educate you about the various security products and build you the right system to secure your home and family.

Control Panel

This is the “brains” of the entire house alarm system. Typically, the control panel is hidden from plain sight – located in the back of a closet or in your garage – and is connected to all other alarm components including a standard phone line.

Security Keypad

These are installed inside the main entrance of your home and allow you and your family to activate and deactivate the system with the push of a few buttons. A digital display notes whether the system is armed or disarmed. Additional keypads can be set up and installed in other locations throughout your home – either by another exit or in a master bedroom so you can trigger if if you hear an intruder while in the house.

Motion Detectors & Sirens

Also known as passive infrared (PIR) detectors, motion detection devices sense changes in infrared energy levels when an intruder is present, even if no break-in is detected. They are typically installed indoors at walls, doors, windows, and air ducts. Sirens are loud bells, horns, or strobe lights that can be installed indoors and outdoors to trigger on motion detection or as a stand-alone alarm signal.

Door & Window Contacts

These magnetic devices are placed along door jams and window frames and trigger the alarm system when opened.

Glassbreak Sensors

Also referred to as “audio discrimination,” these sensors convert the acoustic shock waves of glass breaking into an electrical signal that will activate the security system.

Smart Connectivity

The ability to monitor and control your devices from your computer or smart phone. Controllable products that we can install and bring online include: system arm/disarm, video surveillance, door-bell voice and video access, door locks, thermostats, water control, garage door, lighting, blinds, and more.